Monday, August 31, 2015

For Marj and Max on their 60th

I have cousins who celebrated a very special anniversary and this is the card I sent them.  These stamps are some of the very first I ever got and they have not been used in years.  I did some masking to get them on the page right and then had a little hummingbird 3 dimensional sticker that I added.  I meant to put this on my blog on the day of their anniversary but it didn't happen.  At least they received it on time!

We have had beautiful weather for the last couple of weeks but now the heat is returning.  This is the time we need to bottle it for the uncoming cold weather to come. 

Until next time, happy trails to you...



  1. Your cousins will love this bright and happy card. I love the happy flowers and your great coloring job. The softness around the edges and the added hummingbird are sure to be a pleaser.

  2. Beautiful, Sheri! Congrats to them - how awesome!

  3. Another great card. You are a card-making machine!

  4. Love those flowers - wow 60 years is awesome!

  5. So great that you pulled out some stamps that hadn't been used in a long time. They are such pretty flowers and colored beautifully! Congratulations for 60 years of marriage!