Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Aaron

On the 19th our youngest grandson turns 8 years old.  My how the time flies.  He is such a sweet little stinker.  He always makes me laugh and we have had lots of good times together.  He is having a pool party tonight for his birthday.  It has been so hot here that this is a very good choice!  The card I made was made with stickers and of course I can't remember the brand.  The paper is fireworks paper but I thought it really worked with the stickers.  Aaron is very into video games so I think he will like his card. The second picture is of Aaron taking our puppy, Lucy for a walk.  She adores the kids and will follow them looking for any trouble they can get into together! 

Until next time, Happy trails to you...



  1. WOW...this card is FANTASTIC! He will really LOVE it! The photo of him and Lucy is so take GREAT pictures!

  2. It's a great card! I know he'll like it. What kind of puppy is it?

  3. Perfect card for Aaron, Sheri! Love the picture, too - how special.

  4. Aaron is such a handsome little boy!!! I'm sure he will love the card you made for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AARON!!!