Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow snow snow

We are getting more snow! This winter is like the winters we had when I was a child but it has been many years since we have had a winter like this one. I hate to say it but we have gotten soft. I heard it said today that it feels like we are inside of a snowglobe and someone keeps shaking it. I think that is a very good description of the winter of 2010. That being said, the card I made is a snowman catching snowflakes on his tongue. It is an image from my friend Joanne. Isn't he cute? I paired it with some Paper Trey Ink paper that I adore and a thermometer that I bought several years ago and just found again. Of course I colored the image with my Copics.

Anyone excited for the Olympics to start? I so enjoy watching them. When we were in Vancouver Canada, they announced that the Olympics were coming there this year so it is even more exciting to see them finally get there. I remember thinking that 2010 was so far away that it may never get here. Well, don't blink because here it is! If you do watch the Olympics, what is your favorite sport to watch?

Until next time... Happy trails to you



  1. Hi Sheri,
    I love your card with that cute snowman with his tongue out. I can't believe you had a little thermometer just laying around; it looks great! I'm very anxious to see the Olympics. I really love the winter olympics and will be watching as often as I can.

  2. I LOVE this! So cute!! Makes me want to get out in OUR snow - NOT!!!!

  3. I love your card! That snowman is so cute. Now you know who I am, huh? I love the winter olympics. I think the figure skating is my fav, but I love the bob sledding too. I'd love to try it just once!

  4. This is so much FUN! I love the little thermometer. Just perfect with that image! Sorry you guys are getting so much snow. We still don't have any. I heard you guys aren't the only ones out there. Crazy! You ready to go on a vacation somewhere warm yet? LOL!

  5. That is such a cute card. I've never seen little thermometers like that to buy. I love watching the Olympics too. Not sure I can pick a favorite........maybe the ice skating. But I really like almost all of them.

  6. LOVE this card, Sheri!!! It is so PERFECT with the thermometer! Great color combo too!

  7. So cute, Sheri! And as always, your coloring is excellent!

  8. Oh I love that snowman image - so cute! And the thermometer is cute too!!