Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday happenings and Lucy

Happy Sunday! First I must say that I am really writing this for Michelle and Brian who are in Mexico celebrating their annniversary. This is how I will keep them up to date on what the boys are doing in their absence. Hopefully they will have a computer available to them and they can see this. It is cloudy and we got 3/4 inch of rain overnight. Finally! I have to make this short today as we have our grandsons here for the week. My oh my they are busy little people but we are having fun. Yesterday we took everything out of Grandpa's garage and cleaned it. We were sure dirty when we were finished. We all took showers and then went to Surfside to eat. Their prices are sure not what they used to be! But it was fun to sit outside and watch the boats. We even got mooned by some goofball. I pointed in the opposite direction and told the boys to look and they missed the whole experience. We then went to the store and stocked up on goodies for the week. When we got home, the Aaron had a dish of ice cream and I did laundry and then the boys went to bed to watch a movie. (Flight of the Navigator). This morning we were all up bright and early and we had powdered sugar donuts for breakfast. The boys surprised Grandpa with his birthday and Father's Day gift which he really liked. Now they are waiting for something to do. The sky is getting lighter so we may go to Mahoney to swim. Gonna be a hot one today with tomorrow's heat index at 105!

Here is another page of Lucy's scrapbook. All of my toys are put away for the week. I am already going into withdrawal! This is what happens when you send a white dog outside to play in the grass right after it has been mowed.

That's it for today. Hopefully I can get back here later today or tomorrow to update you on the kids activites.


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