Monday, June 22, 2009

For Michelle and Brian

Today I won't post a card, but am giving Michelle and Brian an update so if you aren't Michelle or Brian, you may stop reading now and wait for something more interesting. We made it to Mahoney yesterday. We took a picnic lunch and then went swimming. The boys had a ball! So did I - honest! We HAVE to take them back before school starts. Aaron lost his swim suit in the wave pool. He kept trying to pull them up but the waves were against him. That was their favorite part - they giggled and giggled when the waves hit. Aaron also liked the slide alot and shooting water out of the guns. Justin loved the diving board. After we were finished there, we went to the tower and Aaron and I climbed to the very top. Justin made it 2/3 of the way. Bill and I realized that we should have used sunscreen on us as well as the kids. They are just fine but we are crispy critters.

Saturday night we went to the store to stock up on junk food. We had KoolAid, Capri Sun, donuts, ice cream, popsicles, fudgesicles, grapes (see I am health conscious) chips, etc in the cart. When we got to the checkout, Aaron said "Mom doesn't want me to have much sugar". I thought the lady behind us was going to wet her pants!

This morning the boys got up and started to bicker. Finally Bill called Aaron into the kitchen and asked what the problem was. Aaron told him exactly what had happened while Justin was in the other room. After his lengthly explaination, Bill asked him if Justin would say the same thing because he was going to ask him too. Aaron thought for a minute and then said "I don't know, I will go and ask him!" We cracked up!

Don't know what we will do today. They said to tell you they loved you!


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