Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I admit it, I am an Altenew addict!  I can't stop using their layered stamps and the Altenew inks.  They are perfect and take all the guess work out of figuring out what colors to layer with. 

We have had some really unusual weather this week and it is only Tuesday!  Yesterday it was 80 degrees! But around 4:00 pm storms rolled in and it poured rain and we had pea sized hail.  I understand that there were several tornadoes in neighboring states and much damage.  It was much cooler after the storms left us.  And now they are talking snow showers on Saturday.  And temperatures in the 40's next week.  Just wonder what the summer will have in store for us this year.  I am finally getting my garage resided after last May's hail storm. 

Nothing else is new here  I am busy working on some Easter cards.  Be back soon!

Happy trails to you...



  1. Those flowers really pop! GORGEOUS! You really rock those stamps!

  2. Yup I'm lovin' these cards you're making!! Pretty!

  3. You go ahead and share your addiction makes, Sheri, cause you are rocking the butterflies and flowers from Altenew!! I hope you aren't buried in snow for too long! I feel sorry for the little critters and plants - they must be so confused! Hugs, Darnell