Monday, January 30, 2017

The Great Physician

I guess I could have made this card for me!  LOL  I am home and doing well after my knee replacement.  It feels so good to be home!  Now I am going to rehab 3 times a week.  It is grueling but worth it.  I am getting better every day - baby steps.  At least I have not had to deal with winter weather.  We have not had much snow this winter at all - at least so far.  I would be fine with warmer temperatures and rain. Yes we do need moisture.  Today was 56 degrees outside! 

I just read Nicholas Sparks newest book called Two by Two.  It was so very good.  I hate to end a good book.  What are you reading now?

Until next time, happy trails to you...



  1. What a beautiful card! Love the sentiment too!

    I am reading James Patterson's Never Never.

    1. I like James Patterson. Is it good?

  2. LOL! Oh you're so funny. Yup you could have made that card for yourself. So pretty!! I'm very envious of you and your winter this year. We usually have a mild winters here and next to little snow but this year it's lots of cold weather AND snow. Now we have 7 out of the next 8 days predicting snow. Everyone here is so DONE with winter!! We're not use to this. Sickening!!! I'm thankful for having 4 seasons but I don't want winter to be 6 months worth!!! LOL!!