Thursday, January 19, 2017


This year we have not had a winter.  A day here and a day there but we have only had two snows that had to be moved and I used the leaf blower to move it.  They say next week there is a possibility of snow.  So I thought I would post this card.  Now I am not wishing for snow, don't get me wrong.  I prefer 55 degrees and up and warm breezes.  But I know there are snow lovers out there.   I used a Mo Manning digi and colored with Copics.  Love the scarf, don't you? 

So have you wondered where I have been?  I had my knee replaced.  So I have been out of commission.  Slowly but surely I am getting better.  I can tell you there are more fun ways to spend January. 

How has your winter been??

Until next time, happy trails to you...



  1. So darling, Sheri - what great coloring! Happy recovery to you!!

  2. Absolutely adorable!!!! And, that's about how our snow looked....had to shovel a path for our Aussie to get through to the back yard. It's melting....YEAH....but now we have a forecast of MORE!!!

  3. Your coloring is always perfect! Very cute card!

  4. ha ha ha!! That picture is exactly what it's been like here. Actually double the height of the dog!! Maybe more. So lucky you!! Cute card!!!