Monday, September 22, 2014


Well the weather is a little cooler and the leaves are starting to fall.  The sunflowers are huge this year and the birds will enjoy them for months to come.  I love the cooler weather but am not crazy about the snow and ice that will be following along with bitter cold temperatures.  And being cooped up inside for weeks at a time.  Oh well, it's the price you pay to live in Nebraska!  A good time to curl up with a stack of books and a boatload of stamps and while the days and weeks away. 

Until next time, happy trails to you



  1. I love the sunflower, Sheri! Great card. Good books and stamps sound good to me:)

  2. I like sunflowers! We had one volunteer this year in our garden. Unfortunately the frost has taken it out now but spring will be back. This is a nice card. All that cutting!!! The cooler weather is nice but like you am not looking forward to the snow and ice. Maybe we should take up skiing or something! lol or not!

  3. This is gorgeous!! Actually grabbing a book or a handful of stamps sounds like a great way to spend a winter. I'm really wishing I had a week off at home right about now!! LOL! Hugs!

  4. Sunflowers are so perfect for this time of year. We saw fields of them on our trip in the Dakotas!! Nice job!