Thursday, September 11, 2014

Craft Room

I thought I would share my new craft room with you.  I finally finished it in August and have been working in it for about a month now.  I so love having everything in one place.  The first picture is a new bookcase I bought and filled up and it holds all of the stuff I use a lot and next to it is my scrap paper on the top in the black and white bag and the three baskets below are embossing things.

 This is a framed piece that I bought when Michelle, my daughter and I were in Chicago earlier this summer.  It says CREATE and each letter was a photo taken in and around Chicago. 
 My pride and joy is this island I designed.  There are two pictures of it, one looking straight on and the other looking from the bookcase side.  In the front I have all of my acrylic stamps in Avery Elle envelopes in Refrigerator bins from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Notice I chose not to have doors on the front because for me it is out of sight out of mind and I wanted to see them all the time.  In the second picture is my dies, embossing folders, sewing machine, and Cuttlebug. 

I have two library card catalogs in my room.  They store a ton of things that I use.  Some I use a lot and some I just use occasionally but it is all there and each drawer is labeled.   The other picture is down a little ways.  Sorry about that mix up.

 This picture is  of my husband and myself.  I keep him close to me always. 
 These are  my Martha Stewart punches.  Next to them is my Ikea cart.  It holds my Copic markers and other stuff that I am currently working on.
 My smaller library card catalog and in the plaid cooler are more punches. 
 This bookcase holds my wood stamps in the gray and black boxes and also my SU stamps.  Some of my paper is in the case above the bookcase and stickers are in the brown basket. 
Finally my work table.  So that is what the top looks like!  I haven't seen it in a long time!  LOL  I am having friends over to craft soon so must clean it off!   Thanks for letting me take you on this tour of my happy space. 

Until next time, Happy trails to you!



  1. Great room Sheri. You are so organized!!! I keep trying to get my room that organized! Tracey

  2. Super job organizing your space! Hope you enjoy every minute in there :)

  3. What an awesome room, Sheri! So organized and neat. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. You are a woman after my own heart with all this organization, Sheri! I have scrolled up and down through the enlarged photos a half dozen times. I have that same parquet floor in the family room of our house. I love those narrow gray and black boxes that hold your stamps. Your designer table is brilliant. Period. So is your large working table. The library boxes, forget about it. I've wanted those for years and can't find them anywhere that aren't several hundreds of dollars. They are schweet!

    That's a lovely photo of you and your husband and it's so wonderful that you have it. It makes me wonder if I have any decent recent photo of me and Kevin. (Note to self.)

    And, last but not least, really fabulous "Create" photo collage! My sister loves to dabble in photography and made herself on of those self-published books a couple of years ago using similar alphabet photos for the whole alphabet. The twins loved it!

    I hope you have a long autumn and an easy winter!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. How lovely for you to have this all done. That must feel so good for you! It will be an awesome place to create this winter! I am happy for you!

  6. AWESOME!!! Bill would be so happy that you got your room done and he'd also love that you keep him close. That's such a good picture of you guys. I'm so glad you're spending time in there. That's wonderful. Hugs!!