Sunday, March 10, 2013


Surprised?  Two posts in two days!   Well Easter is coming and if I don't start to show you what I have made, it will be long gone before I ever get them posted.  Any way I don't many details about this card.  I think it is a CC Designs stamp (pretty sure).  The paper is Bo Bunny Country Garden and can you see the bling I added?  Lots of those teeny things.

We are having a blizzard I think.  At least that is what is looks like outside.  Yesterday was warm and rainy and today is 29 degrees and snowing and extremely windy.  Yuck!  All too soon this will be a memory I hope.  We ended up with 8.5 inches of heavy wet snow. 

Until next time, Happy trails to you...



  1. Very pretty, Sheri! Bummer about your snow, but I'm sure it will be gone soon. And spring will be just around the corner.

  2. Awwwww, that is cute, Sheri!
    Ick sounds like your weather is some ugly at the moment. But yes this to shall pass. That's a lot of snow piled up. I hope your not out there shoveling that heavy stuff. Or at least you don't have to much to do.
    Take Care.

  3. what a pretty image, and love the bling. The colors are awesome, and that touch of blue is just right!

    Sure hope you don't get any more of that white stuff. We are expecting a LOT of rain, for the next week, but they promise it will be followed by a week of sunshine, we'll see.

  4. Sheri, I love this Easter card! It is such a cute design and I love the colors. Sorry about your snow!!! We got all rain - I think about 2 inches because it rained all weekend. Now there is a lot of flooding around here. Spring will be coming........guess we just have to be patient. :)

  5. Your card is so cute. I love how you did the rose.

  6. This is so sweet and I love that paper. It was one in my top favorites. And those little gems are really creative. Nice!!