Friday, May 28, 2010

More Bright Flowers

I said I would post the second card I made using PaperTreyInk's Floral Frenzy and here it is. It is very much the same but very different. They are such quick cards to whip up. When I took the picture this card looked ok but now I see that it looks like the top got cut off. Well, imagine if you can, that there is equal sides all the way around. Some day I may learn to take better pictures but until that happens I count on you all to have great imaginations!

If you are in the USA we have a three day weekend going. Boy are we all ready or what? In Nebraska Memorial Day weekend is usually wet and sometimes pretty chilly. This year they are calling for a small chance of rain on Sunday but the rest of the weekend should be nice. I am not complaining! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend as well. Anyone doing anything special?

I have one more day to work before summer vacation starts. And that is Tuesday. I will only be there a short time and then gone. Eight glorious weeks to do what I want when I want. It is amazing how fast those eight weeks go though. Once I walk out of that door it is about time to turn around and walk back in.

I am reading a new Debbie Macomber book called Hannah's List and it is starting out very good. I hope to read a lot this summer. Sitting on the deck with a big glass of ice water and a good book. Ahhhh the life :)

Until next time, Happy trails to you....



  1. This card is cute too. Your weather sounds like ours here in OK this week-end. Enjoy your summer, it just goes too fast!

  2. That really is a neat card. I like that stamp set. I'm glad you're going to have free time soon.

    No big plans here for the weekend but the weather is going to be wonderful. We will have two granddaughters here tonight and part of tomorrow......mommy and daddy are celebrating their anniversary which is Tuesday.

  3. I love that stamp set too and the colors are lovely together! Glad you are almost done with work - that just means it is closer to DM!!The weather here is finally nice - sunny and 75 most of the weekend.

  4. Awww this is so sweet!! You are sure good at making a nice, elegant card. Love it!

  5. Bright and cheery and wonderful, Sheri! I'm so glad you're done working for the summer. See you SOON!!!!!!!

  6. both floral cards are FAB! bright, cheery and sure to make someone smile!