Monday, June 6, 2016

Flip Flops

Summer is almost here!  Our weather is heating up this week and they are saying 90's are in the forecast.  We haven't turned on the air conditioning yet but I think it is coming!  When it is that hot it is hard to do much other than "relax and unwind and get in a flip flop state of mind"!  Before we know it fall will be here again so enjoy every wonderful minute of summer and all that it brings! 

Until next time, happy trails to you!


  1. No a/c yet?!! OMG we've had 2 heatwaves already. Very rare for us here but did turn the a/c on!! HOT!! Super cute and fun summer card and great sentiment!! Nice to see a post from you. Seems like it's been a bit!! :)

  2. Such a fun card. Love the fishes swimming in the blue. Hope you're doing well. Been thinking about you!

  3. I've had the air set to come on as needed for several weeks. I like to keep an even temperature. I have a very low tolerance for heat!!! Your card is so cute and very appropriate for the weather they are predicting......90's for here too! Hope it cools off for Des Moines! See you soon!