Saturday, January 30, 2016

Snowman Round 2

So last time I updated my blog, The eastern half of the US was expecting a huge snowstorm.  Now it is our turn.  We are supposed to have a blizzard on Monday night and Tuesday with 8 or more inches of snow.  So I thought I should out another snowman on my blog!  I have a tree stencil and used that for the background.  Then I colored my snowman and the fire and cut him out.  Boy I sure hope the weatherman is wrong!  The last few days have been wonderful!  Highs in the upper 40's.  Lucy and I have walked every day.  We will miss that again for awhile or that is sure what it is sounding like.  I am hoping that since they have hyped it up so much that it will miss us! 

Until next time... happy trails to you



  1. So cute, Sheri! Love the background. Hope you don't get the snow that is predicted.

  2. Well, Sheri, if you did get eight inches of snow, that snowman will not mind in the least the way he is all bundled up in his finest winter warmies, enjoying smores over the fire! ADORABLE!!! Enjoy your day and I hope your snow is already melting (but not the snowman)! Hugs, Darnell

  3. I forgot to comment on this.....That snowman is so cute and putting him "in the woods" is a great idea!!!