Friday, October 2, 2015

Spooky October

Well, it has been awhile since I have been here.  Things have been crazy around the house.  I am putting in a new bathroom and this week has been filled with cleaning up the dust and dirt from that that seems to filter everywhere in the house.  I have washed walls, hauled boxes, etc. Tomorrow the carpet cleaner comes so if the contractor comes today he could finish up!  Have my fingers crossed!  Anyway, I thought I would kick off October with a spooky card I made in September.  I used distress inks to blend the background and then dies for the rest of the card.  I hope you like it and don't get to scared! LOL

Until next time, happy trails to you...



  1. Cute card, Sheri!! Love the background. Can't wait to see pictures of the new bathroom.

  2. Your placement of your die cuts is perfect over your background! Love how the water marks rise above the witches' claudrin and then too in the sky. Great card and perfectly capture's the fun of the holiday.

  3. You used perfect colors to make a spooky background for those cute dies! Somebody will love it!!!

  4. This is soooo super spooky but cute. LOL!