Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pieced Poppies

When my friend, Harriet was here from California she showed me how she pieced her Memory Box flowers.  I made this one and used a Nestibility to frame it.  Then had to add a bit of bling as well.  I will be doing this a lot  more often now.  It is like putting together a jig saw puzzle.  It also made me dig through the trash many many times looking for a little tiny piece of paper that I needed to piece in somewhere. 

I am thinking spring may be finally coming to Omaha.  It has been so cold until tomorrow when they say it will be 65 degrees!  It is about time!  I see a long walk in my future.  It will be nice to walk without a heavy coat, scarf, hat and mittens on.  

Until next time, happy trails to you.  



  1. THat was such fun making these cards! I still laugh about you digging through the trash to find the little piece that you needed to piece in! So looking forward to June!

  2. Your card is really cute. It's warming here too, up to 35 today!

  3. Very cool and beautiful, Sheri! Glad you're getting spring:)

  4. That is cute! I really like that spellbinder die. I have it too. Haven't used it but once so far though!!! I like paper piecing don't know why I don't do it more often. I think you may be right...spring is on it's way! Yay!