Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Hats

My friend Georgia is the sticker queen. I may have mentioned that before - several times but she does the most amazing things with stickers. I had to try something simple to get my feet wet. I chose these three dimensional stickers I had. I should know who made these but I can't find the packaging. I will continue to look. I used my birthday Cuttlebug folder for the background and layered it with some pink paper. This was a five minute card!

School is out for the kids! Yesterday was the last day. It was just crazy around there. But now teachers come back Monday and Tuesday and then I work the rest of the week and a little while the following Tuesday and then I am out for eight wonderful weeks. This is the time we have all looked for since last August! I do have to say I enjoy the school year as well. It is fun to work with kids all day. Keeps me on my toes for sure!

Until next time... Happy trails to you



  1. Cool card, Sheri - great job with the stickers. Georgia is the queen of more than stickers, too. She is one awesome lady:) I'm very happy for you that school is out for another year - enjoy your summer. See you soon!!!!!

  2. Once again,not only your cardmaking abilities, but also your photography, is AWESOME! I love seeing how you photograph your cards! And what a fun way to use the stickers....they are a great *tool*! YAY about the kids being done....wish YOU were done too!

  3. Love your card with those stickers. Very cute! Gary has to drive the bus here one more week.

    Will be seeing you soon!!! Can't wait!

  4. I agree with Joanne - I love your photos of your cards as much as your cards themselves!! I love the sticker hats and this great CAS design - gotta love all that white space!!
    Wow you only have 1 more week until you're out of school and then 2 weeks after that it is big hug time!!

  5. Your card came out really cute! Guess I better pull my stickers out. Have a great summer vacation.

  6. super cute! love what you did with the stickers...they don't look like stickers!