Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Valentine

What is a girl to do when it is snowing and blowing and you can't get out except to shovel and then shovel again. I made a few new Valentines! This one was made before but thought I would post it now. It is a Hangler image and I used my Copics to color her. The hearts are ones that I bought last year and put away for safe keeping. When February came last year I went to get them. They had just disappeared! I looked everywhere at least three times. Well, guess what I found this year? Yup, right on top in a drawer that I just knew I had looked in. Does anyone else do this? I can't tell my kids, they may put me in a home! lol

Anyway, I hope it is nicer in your part of the world than it is here. Spring is coming eventually I hope.

Until next time, happy trails to you!



  1. This is so cute!! I'm glad you got to stay indoors today! Love the hearts floating around her. What a perfect touch! Great coloring too!

  2. I don't know how much snow and ice you got there but we got about 10 inches or more. Thankfully no ice.

    Your card is so cute. She's adorable! And yes I all too often put things away and then can't find them when I want to use them.

  3. Your card is ADORABLE! You did an excellent job coloring her, and I love the paper and the lace you used!!

  4. Another cutie Sheri! You cracked me up when you said not to tell your kids because they'll put you in a home!!

  5. Darling, Sheri! I checked out your other posts, too (sorry I'm behind!) and they are all super!