Sunday, September 5, 2010

Be Happy

Are you enjoying your long holiday (if you are in the USA.)? We ran errands all day yesterday and worked in the yard and house today. I did manage to sneak in a long walk and a nap today. Our weather is absolutely beautiful now. Chilly nights and warm days. I love walking when it is chilly - I could walk forever I think. Problem being I can't figure out how to make cards and walk at the same time! Or read. Occasionally I will get a book on tape but not to often.

Now on to what you came for. I made this card for a co-worker who has moved on to a new job. She worked with me for 16 years so it is a big adjustment without her. The car is from PTI set called Enjoy the Ride. Lots of cute things you can do with that set. The paper and buttons are from my stash. I used rhinestones for the headlights. I hope you like it - it was fun to make.

I have read Julie Buhler's blog for a couple of years now. Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and he is in a lot of pain right now. They have small children and could really use our prayers. Her link is If you could spare a few prayers, she would certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance ladies.

Until next time...
Happy trails to you



  1. Cute card, Sheri! I'm sorry you have to work without your co-worker of 16 years, and I hope she is very happy in her new job. Yeah, there is just too much to do, isn't there, and we can't do it all at one time!

  2. Cute, Sheri! Great idea to use the gems for headlights and it looks like something on the side view mirrors, too. It's hard having friends change jobs or move away.

  3. That's really a cute card. I love how you did the headlights.

  4. LOVE that car image....and the great papers....almost looks like a road!
    So sorry to hear you are losing a co-worker....

  5. That is such a cute card -I love that bug!! Your weather sounds awesome! It finally got too hot here - all summer it was foggy and cold and now it is too hot!

  6. Oh sorry to hear your co-worker has left. Ya, that would be a huge adjustment. You two have probably seen so many changes together! Really cute cute card tho!! I've seen Julie's blog and am assuming they are quite young? I will send along my prayers for them as well. Hugs!

  7. Super cute card! Love the headlights!

  8. Super cute, I'm sure your friend loved this card Sheri and I'm sure she's going to miss you like crazy. Thank you for sharing the info on Julie's husband. I've known Julie for years, since I first started with SCS back in 2005, I'm so sorry to hear this and will head over to her blog now, thank you for sharing the news, I will add her family to my prayer list.