Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Lucy

I have to share a dog tag I got today. This company is wonderful and has super fast service. I think her tag is just a hoot! I had to blur out some pertinent information due to some strange folks out there in internet land. None of which subscribe to this blog but it is the passer byers. Is that a word? hehe Anyway, without further ado...

Happy trails!


Oh! I almost forgot, the website for the tag is I am in no way connected to this company and in fact, don't even know the people but I would certainly recommend them. If you do order from them, please tell them Sheri sent you. I did send her an email and tell her how happy I was and that I was putting it on my blog. Thanks


  1. Tooo cute Sheri.....just noticed you have a blog Coolio!!!

  2. Just darling, Sheri! Cute tag, super cute dog!

  3. What a cute dog tag! Lucy is just too cute!!!

  4. Oh Lucy is so cute Sheri! Like I mentioned I wish my drivers license picture was half as good!!

  5. I love the license. Does Lucy ask for the keys yet?

  6. ADORABLE!! Wish I could get Shadrach to wear a collar and his rabies tag, but he will have none of that, and his "daddy" won't make him wear it!!
    thanks for sharing